You’ve worked hard to get to this place called retirement but are you fully prepared for the transition?  Many of us will spend thirty years or more on this voyage, so it can be helpful to have a plan and a guide that’s been there before.  Most of us will retire only once, but the retirement consultants at Compass Financial Group have taken this journey many times.  We’ll go beyond “stocks and bonds” to address the real questions and concerns that are on your mind: 

  • “Do I have enough to retire?”
  • “When should I take social security?”
  • “What is the most tax efficient way for me to draw income?”
  • “How will my healthcare work once I’m no longer employed?”  

Our advisors have heard these questions before, and others you may not have thought of. You might say we speak the language of retirement.  We invite you to peruse our website or speak with one of our retirement consultants.  You’ll find we don’t dabble in retirement – it’s what we do.

At Compass Financial Group, we help professionals and business owners navigate the financial, emotional and lifestyle challenges that come with retirement.

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Where Are You In Your Retirement Journey?

<strong>I plan to retire within the next 2-5 years</strong>

I plan to retire within the next 2-5 years

How do I determine if I’m on track and create a roadmap to guide me the rest of the way?

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<strong>I'm planning on retiring within the next year</strong>

I'm planning on retiring within the next year

What steps should I take to ensure I’m ready for the transition?

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<strong>I'm already enjoying my retirement</strong>

I'm already enjoying my retirement

Have I covered all the bases or do I have blind spots in my planning? Is my investment portfolio accomplishing my goals?

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Are you doing your own planning or working with an advisor that doesn’t specialize in retirement?  Allow us to provide you with a “second opinion” to see if you’re properly prepared. In 30-minutes we can review your plans, provide you with feedback and pinpoint any areas of concern.  The results will let you know if you’re in good shape or if you might benefit from speaking with our team of retirement specialists. If we’re not the best firm to help we can connect you with someone that can better assist you.

To request your check-up:

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