Richard Hill, CRPC® AIF®

Richard Hill, CRPC® AIF®

President/Lead Advisor

I feel very privileged to have spent the last 30 years doing something I love - helping people turn their retirement dreams into reality.

Early in my career, I made a conscious decision to focus on working with retirees and those on the cusp of retirement because I saw the impact I could make in guiding them through this critical phase of life.

The process of putting together a retirement plan is a lot like solving a complex puzzle, and helping my clients put the pieces together and see the final picture gives me a great sense of satisfaction. In cases where their goals exceed their resources, I’m able to work with them to explore options and develop acceptable solutions.

Over three decades, I've weathered every type of economic situation and market environment and can honestly tell my clients, “I’ve been here before!”

This experience has allowed me to develop extensive knowledge and expertise in areas critical to retirees, such as social security, Medicare, income planning, and tax reduction strategies—areas that many advisors tend to shy away from.

My discussions with clients have also evolved over the years, from primarily investments and financial planning to more advanced issues like helping them navigate longevity and the complexities of aging and longer life.

I’ve always been a teacher at heart, and I take pride in my ability to avoid industry jargon and translate complex financial concepts and strategies into plain English. The financial world can be complex, but I feel it’s important that people understand their options so they can make good decisions.

I believe in asking a lot of questions and truly listening, trying to go beneath the surface to understand the questions or concerns that often go unspoken.

Though I was raised in the midwest, I've lived in Raleigh for almost 30 years with my wife, Sandra. We are blessed to have much of our family in the area, including two energetic grandbabies that keep us on our toes.

Imy free time, I enjoy being outdoors, scubadiving, golfing or playing pickleball and have a passion for exploring new destinations around the world. The beach is my ultimate happy place, where I often go to unwind and recharge. In the cooler months, you'll probably find me watching my Carolina Panthers or curled up with a good history book or biography.