Rachel Betzwieser,CFP®

I've dedicated nearly a decade to the financial industry, beginning at Fidelity Investments and later joining Compass Financial Group in 2020 where I currently serve as a Lead Advisor.

My path into financial planning was influenced by my affinity for numbers. Initially, I pursued engineering in college due to my passion for math. However, I gradually discovered my strong desire to engage with people. Financial planning combines my love for numbers and my desire to connect with individuals.

Many individuals avoid dealing with their finances due to the perceived complexity, but I am passionate about helping clients understand their financial situation in easy to understand terms.

If you were to ask my close friends and family, they'd describe me as someone who always has a plan, and spontaneity isn't exactly my strong suit. This inclination towards careful planning has seamlessly translated into my role at Compass, where I specialize in crafting tailored financial plans that align with each client's distinct objectives and desires.

The most rewarding aspect of my career is undeniably the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives.

Throughout my journey in the financial industry, I've encountered situations where people were misled into investments or insurance products that weren't in their best interest. As a fiduciary, I take great pride in ensuring that every financial strategy I recommend is unequivocally in the client's best interest, paving the way for them to realize their financial goals.

While I hold all client relationships in high regard, I have a special affinity for working with women. Traditionally, men have been perceived as the primary financial decision-makers in households. However, I am committed to empowering women to take control of their financial futures.

Women often navigate significant life changes along their financial journey, such as re-entering the workforce, changing careers, divorce, or the loss of a spouse. I provide a safe and supportive environment to help them navigate these transitions, drawing from my personal understanding of the unique challenges women face. I approach every interaction with empathy and clarity, avoiding complex financial jargon.

I am a proud North Carolina native and reside in Raleigh with my husband, Adam, and our beloved golden retriever, Boomer. In our free time, we love spending time with family and friends at the coast and cheering on Wolfpack sporting events.