Your most secure source of retirement income

When you take Social Security is one of the most important decisions you face in retirement.  If you're married, the decision becomes even more important (and more complicated). 

As retirement planning professionals we understand that Social Security is the foundation of your income plan. We also recognize that the right claiming age is different for everyone because it depends on details like you ages, health condition and whether you're still working.

Our custom analysis consider these factors in recommending when you should draw your benefits. We also take into account how you Social Security will interact with other income sources you have available such as pensions, annuities, investment income or part-time work. 

Our retirement planning will also determine you eligibility for more sophisticated claiming strategies such as:

  • Spousal or widows benefits
  • Benefits from an ex-spouse
  • Suspension of benefits
  • Withdrawal of application

By analyzing your entire financial situation we can recommend a smart Social Security timing strategy designed to reduce your tax bill in retirement and optimize your income