Make sure you're ready before you stop working!

Our retirement planning services will help you design a plan to transition into retirement and stay retired. 

It starts by answering the big question - have I saved enough to stop working, live comfortably and reach my goals?  Don’t know what your retirement goals are?  That’s ok, we’ll help you figure that out too. 

We’ll also provide guidance on some of the big decisions you’ll face like when to take social security, how to transition to Medicare and how to help minimize taxes on your income.  

Our retirement planning process includes:

  • Turning your retirement savings and income sources like social security and pensions into a reliable retirement paycheck.
  • Developing a new investment strategy built to fund your retirement goals.
  • Tax strategies and planning to help reduce your tax bill
  • Guidance on the transition to Medicare and help understanding your healthcare in retirement.
  • Longevity planning, to provide guidance on late life issues such as long term care and living arrangements.
  • Recommendations to improve the success rate of your plan.

Our planning software will help us track your success rate over time, adjust for changing circumstances and stress test your plan against a variety of market and economic conditions. 

We can model the impact of changes to your plan before you make them and provide ongoing guidance on decisions you might face. Best of all, we’ll communicate the results to you in plain English so you have the information you need to enjoy your retirement.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.