Our Investment Philosophy

An investment philosophy is a rational way of thinking about markets and how they function. It is a set of guiding principles that inform and shape our investment decision making process and govern how we manage portfolios. Our investment strategies are the product of our investment philosophy.

Our team has years of experience investing in all types of markets and our investment philosophy is built on the experience of our people. We share a passion for investing and markets, a hunger for knowledge and a commitment to excellence in our process. Our investment philosophy puts our experience and passion at the service of the firm’s clients to help them pursue their goals.

Tenets of Our Investment Philosophy

  • Wealth preservation is a vital component of wealth accumulation so risk management is central to our process

  • Boom and bust cycles are part of the normal market environment.

  • We are investors, not traders. Long-term investment returns at the asset class level can be fairly accurately predicted. Short term outcomes cannot.

  • We believe in the virtues of both passive and active investments and believe the best portfolio’s combine aspects of both.

  • Markets can be inefficient, since they are prone to investor sentiment such as fear and elation. Inefficient markets produce mispriced assets, which represent opportunities for long-term investors.

  • We believe a tactical investment strategy affords us the ability to reduce risk and/or target excess returns opportunistically.

  • There are many investment styles, two of which have consistently been outperformers - value and momentum. We believe the best tactical strategies focus on value investing to identify mispriced assets and the use of momentum in the stock price as a catalyst for entry.

  • Extremes in the market don’t persist indefinitely and reversion to the mean consistently occurs.

  • An unconstrained approach allows us to access asset classes we believe will help reduce risk and/or potentially enhance returns.

  • Costs and taxes are important. As such, they are vital considerations in investment selection and portfolio management decisions.