30 July
Retiring the Old Age Story


We have been told a certain story of what aging should look like. For a long time, we have bought into a version of “old age” filled with leisure, relaxation and spending time with the grandkids.  But what if society’s thinking of aging is outdated?  What if one day, we woke up and realized things could change if we wanted them to, and we didn’t have to live a vision of old age that was pieced together years ago?  Utilizing research from the MIT Age Labs, we’ll examine:

  • Where “old age” came from
  • “Old Age” today
  • How you can create your new story

Today’s retirees are changing our view of retirement and showing the world that our later years can be anything we want them to be.  Join us as we discuss the changing face of aging and provide a blueprint for designing the retirement of your dreams. 


Compass Financial Group, MIT AgeLab and LPL Financial are separate entities and not affiliated.

Date and Time

Thu, Jul 30, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p EST


Virtual Webinar


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