28 July
8000 Days


With rising lifespans, today's retirees could be facing 20 or more years in retirement, which is approximately 8,000 days. As such, its become clear that retirement isn't simply a few years of rest and relaxation at the end of our career but a new, complex, and unknown phase of life filled with new challenges and opportunities. 

Often thought of as a singular event, our experience has taught us to help our clients reframe the conversation as a journey with four unique phases:
  1. The Honeymoon Phase
  2. The Big Decision Phase
  3. The Navigating Longevity Phase
  4. The Solo Journey Phase
Each is characterized by a different set of priorities, tasks and issues that you may experience as you navigate your retirement journey. Join us as we share research, trends and stories from each phase to help guide your planning and to anticipate what is likely to come. 

Date and Time

Wed, Jul 28, 2021

6:00p - 7:00p EST


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