Helping Professional Navigate the Financial, Emotional and Lifestyle Challenges That Come With Retirement

Our Process

Speak to any financial advisor and they will tell you that they can help you with “retirement planning”.  What they mean is that they can help you get TO retirement – in other words, “accumulation planning”.  At Compass Financial Group, we believe true retirement planning is something very different - guidance as you transition into retirement and a personalized financial, emotional and lifestyle plan to keep you there.  Review our comprehensive process

Our Team

Our highly specialized retirement team is experienced and passionate about helping you retire on your terms.  Read more about your retirement planning team




SIZE: $150M* in assets under management or advisement for families and businesses we serve as of June 30, 2022


EXPERIENCE: 50 + years combined among our principles

CLIENTS: Primarily in the southeastern US, but we serve clients throughout the US & Europe

FOCUS: Retirement Planning & Consulting. Boutique Investment Management

Our Fees

Flat fees for financial planning and asset-based fees for investment management.  Get more information about our fees.

Our Clients

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best – “The shoemaker makes a good shoe because he makes nothing else.”  If you try to be all things to everybody you end up being nothing to anybody.  We’ve identified the type of person that can benefit the most from our retirement consulting services.  See a profile of our typical client

Our Culture

An organization’s culture defines who they are and what they value.  Take a few moments and learn what makes us tick

Our Strategic Partners

Retirement takes a village, and we know we can’t do it all.  Our singular mission is to help our clients on their retirement journey so we’ve built a team of experts that we can call on to provide services outside our area of expertise.  Meet our Strategic Partners


* The advisors of Compass Financial Group collectively manage over $100 million in advisory assets through LPL Financial and advise on over $50M in assets with various custodians as of June 30, 2022.